The TIHIO RACE and FROZEN PEAKS Competitions, sharing common sporting and ethical values, faithful to the idea of ​​innovation and avant-garde, have twinned their two competitions, the X-ultra Race (190 km D + 11,000m) and Panorama race (261 km D + 11.636m), the two biggest sporting events in the Greek mountain running area, with the most difficult technical features in length and altitude difference.

The purpose of the twin races is to create a mountain running championship. The prospect of the organizers is to enrich the championship with races from other events both in Greece and abroad. The new championship is called Legendary Ultra Trail.

The games maintain their autonomy and independence, with their rules, rankings and prizes. Athletes who want to compete in the championship should participate in both races in 2019 and register for the championship on the site

There will be a scoring system for each athlete participating in the championship, with points corresponding to the ranking position for each race and a weight factor for each race. There will be prizes and benefits corresponding to the ranking of the athletes in the championship.