Regulations 2019

The LEGENDARY ULTRA TRAIL championship consists of two races: The FORZEN PEAKS Competition PANORAMA (261 km and D + 11,636 m) which takes place on May and the Tihio Race X - Ultra (190 km D + 11,000 m) on October.

In order to be eligible, the athlete must submit a registration form at and finish both of the above races. Without an entry he/she will not be rated, regardless of whether he finished both races. An athlete who does not finish a race is scored with 100 points in that race. By submitting a participation, the athlete accepts the terms and regulations that apply to both races. Athletes born until 2000 have the right to participate.

There is no entry fee for athletes who will apply for the LEGENDARY Championship. The participant pays the cost of participating in the two competitions separately.

RATING: Each athlete who registered to participate in the LEGENDARY ULTRA TRAIL championship, depending on their ranking in each race, earns the respective points. Eg 1 point for the first, 2 points for the second, 3 points for the third and so on. Each race has a weight factor. The PANORAMA race has a factor of 2, while the X - Ultratihiorace race has a factor of 1. The points of each athlete per race are multiplied by the respective factor of the race. The winner is the athlete with the least points. Eg The first of PANORAMA 1X2 = 2 and if he finishes first in X - Ultra 1X1 = 1 Total 2 + 1 = 3 In case of a tie, the winner is the one who has: a. the best places in the two races. b. best position in the race with the highest factor eg Athlete A, first in PANORAMA, points 2. Finishes third in X Ultra points 3. Total 2 + 3 = 5. B Athlete, second in PANORAMA, points 4. Finishes 1st in X Ultra Points 1. Total 4 + 1 = 5. Winner B is chosen because he has second and first victory, while Athlete A has first and third victory.


Men's general category (1st - 2nd - 3rd)
General category of women (1st - 2nd - 3rd)

1st woman and 1st man in each age category (20-39) (40-54) (55+)
* To form an age category there must be at least three athletes.

DISCLAIMER: The organizers of the Championship are not responsible for the injury, death, partial or total disability during or because of the competitions and for any other damage to the health of the participants who when submitting their application claim that and the awareness of the difficulties and dangers arising from corresponding mountain racing. Also that they have undergone medical examinations that ascertain their optimum health.

AMENDMENT OF RULES: The Championship Organization reserves the right to modify the above regulations, if necessary, without altering the style and ethics of the Championship.